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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: Laline Forever Proactive Eye Zone Care

I reviewed the Laline Hot Mama mask yesterday, but it's actually not the only Laline product I've been trying out lately. I also got some hair care products, as well as the Laline Forever Proactive Eye Zone Care eye cream, and since this is actually a really, really good eye cream, I thought I'd tell you why. Because if you are anything like me, finding a really good eye cream can be rather hard, so you might be really pleasantly surprised if you try this.

Why did I like it so much?
Well, first of all, it has simple, yet genius gimmick. You know how you are supposed to apply eye cream by putting it on your weakest finger and then pat gently until all the eye cream has absorbed? I don't really enjoy that, since it means getting my finger all sticky, but the Laline Forever Proactive Eye Zone Care actually comes with a cool pipe with a hole at the end of it, that will work just as your finger would, making it unnecessary to actually use your own finger. I think the construction on this eye cream is so brilliant, I can't really understand why other brands aren't doing this as well! (I guess they might start to, if they see this product somewhere)
The eye cream itself absorbs quickly and it thick, yet not too heavy, so basically: Just perfect! I must also admit that I have some fine lines around my eyes already that I am trying to battle, and this eye cream does minimize them, although it doesn't completely remove them. But I don't think any eye cream really does that (if you disagree, then please let me hear your recommendations!), so minimizing is good enough for me!
This is definitely an eye cream I will be purchasing again, and I would highly recommend it to almost everyone, since this seems like an eye cream suited for most skin types.

You can get this eye cream in the US as well, follow this link to read more about the Laline Forever Proactive Eye Zone Care, but it doesn't seem like it's available in Europe, Australia and Asia yet.

You should also know that Laline as a brand is completely cruelty free and does not test on animals. Yay!

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